Redeem codes and access that have been redacted to ensure access is only for token holders, please reach out in Telegram for the link to the full info.

PARTNER ABOUT TWITTER HANDLE Web 3.0 forms and surveys. 90% off for the first year, followed by 50% off for the second year if you choose to renew @blocksurvey
Builtfirst Over 200 discounts and special offers including Notion, Brex, Slack, Airtable, Hubspot, Zoom, Mercury, Square, Deel, Gusto, Quickbooks, 1password, Canva, Stripe & more!

Shoutout to @builtfirst for making this easy. | @builtfirst | | Consensys / Infura | The #1 toolkit for 400K+ blockchain developers. Dynamically scale your dapp and accelerate innovation with Ethereum and IPFS APIs. Club CPG receives special offers and discounts. | @infura_io | | Gitcoin | Gitcoin is where the world's leading web3 projects are born, validated & funded. Gitcoin will offer an exclusive info session and offer extra support to Pop funding applications. | @gitcoin | | Loom | Loom enables you to record and instantly share video messages of your screen, cam, or both. Pop members will get access to Loom 100% free for first 3 months. | @loom | | Mercury | Mercury is the banking stack for startups.* Get checking and savings accounts, physical and virtual debit cards, domestic and international wires, currency exchange, and integrations with the tools your startup uses. No minimum balance or monthly fees.

Other features include API access, custom team management, venture debt, and Mercury Raise (get intros to top investors). Apply in a few minutes and set up in a few days from anywhere in the world. No SSN or US residential address is required. Mercury is backed by top investors, including Coatue, A16Z, and CRV. They offer $500 when you spend $10k on your debit card in the first 90 days. | @mercury | | Mintdrop | Mintdrop gives you all the tools you need to create and launch a community NFT access-pass. All CPG and Pop holders will be allow listed for key drop. Key Holders get extra features, priority support, discord access, and most importantly, a rate drop from 5% -> 2.5%. | @mintdrop_xyz | | Nifty Gateway | Pop is a beta launch partner for Publishers, a platform that puts the power of curated drops at your fingertips, making it easier than ever before to curate and publish your own NFT drops on Nifty Gateway. They’re offering exclusive access to select Pop creators to their publisher’s tool which isn’t currently public. | @niftygateway | | | End-to-end web3 + e-com solution (create/mint/token-gate all within your Shopify storefront). 50% off the monthly flat fee ($99 instead of $199) | @novel_commerce | | Pinata | Pinata is the leading media management company for the creators and developers building the future of web3. Piñata is offering an exclusive rebate to our community and will feature some Pop Piñata users on their Website & Twitter and host an exclusive talk to incubator & builder’s club participants. | @pinatacloud | | Premint | PREMINT is web3’s allowlist platform.

It is widely used by the world's top NFT artists, communities, brands, and celebrities to build allowlists for their NFT projects. Premint will give an exclusive talk sharing insights for successful NFT drops and provide extra support to our creators. | @PREMINT_NFT | | Protocol Labs | Protocol Labs is the innovative organization behind IPFS, Filecoin, and libp2p.

It offers to Pop: Discounts, credits, for engineering hours to build on their stack, as well as education on their stack. They will also attend our demo day. | @protocollabs | | Pyme | Pyme helps web3 companies acquire & retain targeted web3 users. Our all in one growth platform allows user acquisition, scale, retention & loyalty. First three campaigns free and 100,000 Pyme Points. | @pymeid | | Third Web | Third Web provides developers, brands and creators with powerful tools (SDKs, prebuilt contracts or import your own, analytics, team management, etc) to build and deploy web3 apps. We are 100% on chain, 100% permissionless, 100% open source, we have no servers and host no data. Third Web offer a free consulting session to our community. | @thirdweb_ | | Wonderverse | Wonderverse is a web3 workflow management tool. From managing proposals to projects and contributors, we help you bridge the gap between different stakeholders in a web3 organization. Pop builder’s can use their product for free for four months. | @wonderverse_xyz | | Zealous | @zealous_app gives communities a unified, interactive playlist for all their spaces, town halls, meetings, & more. We make sure members stay both up-to-date and in the conversation.

CPG Pop Incubator projects get free usage for 1 year while CPG Holders get exclusive discounts. | @zealous_app | | Seed Health | Seed Health is a CPG portfolio company, and they are a leader in probiotic biotech. CPG holders receive 25% at | @ |